INSPIRE Your Little Warrior
With Martial Arts

Any of the Contender kid's classes will give your child the tools they need to
Master their lives Physically, Mentally and Spiritually with Martial Arts.

Teaching Martial Arts to your child early on will instil focus, confidence, discipline, and diligence in everything they do, in all parts of their lives.

In the Contender Kids Martial arts classes, we get to know your child personally, then plan with you and them what they need to focus on, so they can grow from the roots up, with solid foundations physically, and mentally.

As well as building your child's strength and physical fitness, we focus on teaching your child about:


  • Philosophy

  • Psychology

  • Biology

Through our dedication teaching system,  your child learns about the mental and physical parts of Martial Arts through thinking, discussion and participation.

This knowledge goes into your child’s Martial Arts journey, making them the best they can be.

At Contender Gym we live to give the best, and most transparent service to you.

If we feel something won’t work with your training or lifestyle, we’ll say so.
We view your Martial Arts training with us as a partnership. We’re just as invested in your Martial Arts journey as you are.