Whatever your age or ability, we offer the perfect way to get fighting fit, boost confidence and learn techniques with our expert training in two of the world’s most action-packed and enjoyable martial arts.

Our coaching team features a mix of award-winning trainers and fighters who bring unrivalled experience and knowhow to each group and private class.

And we proudly follow the martial arts core values of discipline, dedication and respect, promoting a positive and determined attitude both inside and outside our gym.

So whatever your self-improvement goal,

you can hit all of your targets in our welcoming,

no-ego environment at Contender Gym.

K-1 and Muay Thai training supplies mind and body-enhancing benefits like few other sports or disciplines as it features an all-over body workout and sharpens flexibility and thinking.

Just because you can train like a fighter with us doesn’t mean you have to be a fighter, of course, but our

Contender Gym facility is the ideal place to practice

and get those endorphins flowing.

Our Stockton-based gym contains two boxing rings, a matted training area and punch and kick bag zone, along with a Boxmaster Machine with low kick attachment, cardio machines and strength and conditioning equipment such as battle ropes and tractor tyres.


Stop being a pretender and become a Contender today!