what is k-1& MUAY THAI


The letter K in K-1 is officially designated as a representation of the words karate, kickboxing and kung-fu.

A fast and furious, high energy combat sport using punches, kicks and knees to strike. Ideal for an all over body workout.

K-1 Kickboxing is a definite favourite with sport fans!
K-1 is similar to Muay Thai except for clinching.
Typically K1 bouts consist of three rounds lasting 3 minutes
(5 rounds for championship matches).

That might not sound like much but because the scoring favours the competitor who’s more aggressive and moving forwards the results are often highly explosive.


Otherwise known as Thai Boxing or the “art of eight limbs.”

Some of the many unique striking styles in Muay Thai include elbow strikes, knee strikes and the clinch.

Muay Thai or Thai boxing is also called “the art of eight limbs”. It doesn’t just focus on punches or kicks but combines them with elbows and knees to create an infinite range of combinations that can be used to engage your opponent. Today, the blocks and strikes of Muay Thai are often used in the kickboxing ring and/or MMA as both sports have adopted Muay Thai as a staple of training.

One of the many things that sets Muay Thai apart from other striking styles is the use of the clinch. Whilst many other styles such as pure kickboxing and western boxing separate fighters when they begin to grab one another, in Muay Thai the competitors will grab the back of their opponents’ necks and utilize knee strikes to the midsection. Consistent and effective use of elbow strikes is also something that sets Muay Thai apart from many other martial arts styles.